Friday, October 10, 2008

Diagnosis Please

In the previous article, I talked about using a diagnostic question to start a spiritual conversation with someone. I wanted to expand on that thought and give you a few more questions that you can use to get the conversation started about Jesus. (Since I am on the road holding revival services, this article will be short and sweet.)
  1. Do you attend a church in the area?

  2. What is your spiritual background?

  3. Do you have any kind of spiritual beliefs?

  4. Do you consider yourself to be a spiritual person?

  5. What do _________ believe? (Insert the name of the religion that person belongs to. I.E. if they claim to be Wiccians, then ask: What do Wiccians believe?)

  6. Who is Jesus Christ to you?

  7. If you died and found yourself standing before God and he asked, "Why should I let you into my heaven," what would you say to Him?

  8. Do you believe there is a heaven or a hell? Where will you go when you die?

  9. What do you think the standard is for getting into heaven?

Notice, I never ask questions like, "Are you saved?" or "Are you a Christian?" It is too easy to say yes or no to these questions. You want the person to open up and talk about what they believe - not take the easy way out.

I have used many of these questions in my conversations with others about Jesus. Some are more confrontive than others. I think you should pray about each situation and ask God to give you the right approach to starting the conversation.

I would be interested in hearing back from you. What kinds of questions have you used to begin a witnessing conversation with someone? Use the "Post a Comment" link to share your questions with everyone.

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