Saturday, September 29, 2007

Miracle in Mpemba

Miracle in Mpemba

I wanted to update you on our work here in Malawi and the progress toward the 2008 crusade. We had a wonderful vision meeting with over 40 pastors and bishops in attendance. I brought a message from Acts 17 on God’s Heart for the City based on Paul’s visit to Athens and Mars Hill. It was well received.

Please pray for these pastors as they decide whether to participate in the 2008 crusade. I have presented a new way of thinking to them – namely that their churches are going to have to contribute financially to the local budget cost.

One young pastor stood and said that he was challenged because the Azunga (whites) had paid for everything in the past; that the whites only saw African churches as receivers. He said, “This is why God is not blessing our churches – because we are only receiving and not giving!”

We want to empower them so that they can see God do great and mighty things.

Now, for an update on yesterday’s adventure and God’s providencial appointment…

Bishop Khula and Bishop Edward graciously offered to take Bryan and me to a game reserve to see some animals. Usually, I am so busy on these trips that I never have time to see any of the local scenery so I was glad for the privilege.

When we arrived at the game preserve, Bishop Edward’s car started having problems with the battery. That should have been a sign from God for us…

After we pushed the car to get it started, we proceeded to drive down the rutty paths that they called roads. We saw a few animals including some monkeys, springbucks and other unusual species. We even saw some huge cape buffaloes.

As we drove further in the park we took some lesser traveled paths in the reserve. Soon, we ran out of path! (I think we may have even stumbled into Mozambique!)This was fine until the car stalled out again in the middle of nowhere. By that time, Bryan and I started to get a little concerned.

We had only a half liter of water each and I had a few energy bars. The pastors had no water at all. This game preserve was huge and we were so far in, it would have taken days for anyone to find us. We had no map either as the ranger was fresh out.

Brian said that he figured he could pretty much out run me and that I could keep the pride (of lions) busy for a while! Thanks brother!

After praying we finally found on of the main paths, and more importantly the road signs pointing the way back to base camp. After about another 45 minutes of driving, we made it to the front gate alive and well.

As we left there and passed through the Shire highlands, the car started acting up again. This time, it was the spark plugs. We nursed the car through the mountains to within about 5km of Blantyre coming to rest near a roadside stand in Mpemba.

As Bishop Edward phoned for another car to fetch us, we began to notice some children walking down the road. Bryan pulled out his instant Polaroid camera and offered to take their picture but they kept going. Soon, they came back again and passed us.

The next thing we knew, people from the village started showing up. Bryan snapped a few photos and gave them to the people. We all realized that this was a divine appointment and the good news needed to be proclaimed.

So I went back to my pack and got out the evangecube. I began to share the gospel while Bishop Edward translated. There were about 30 people or so and a few children in the crowd. Nearly all prayed to receive Jesus Christ!

God’s timing is incredible! We went from being lion bait to preaching the gospel in the space of a few short hours. Praise God for his work.

Today, we are traveling to Zomba to visit an orphanage and will return to preach at Bishop Tangwe’s church. Please keep us in pray for the remainder of the journey.

Darrel – from Blantyre, Malawi

P.S., There really were no lions on the preserve, only hyenas and leopards! J

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