Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Who is in Your Circle?

Who is in your circle?

I remember going to visit a couple once to share with them how they could be involved with supporting our evangelism ministry. They were faithful members of our church and upstanding people in the community.

As I was sitting in their living room, I asked the question, "What do you think keeps people from coming to a personal relationship with Jesus Christ?"

The wife responded by saying that people were generally apathetic. As she continued to talk, she admitted that she really didn't know any lost people - that is people who have never trusted Christ as their personal savior. She said, "when I was working, I was around them all the time. Now I am around church people. in fact, I don't feel comfortable around lost people."

Here lies the problem with the average believer: they only know churched people. Modern Christians have no close personal relationships with lost people.

We have insulated ourselves in a cocoon of casual Christianity and therefore isolated ourselves from the lost world.

We must begin to build relationships with people around us in order to win them to Christ, build them in faith and send them back into the world to influence others.

Start by looking at the people that God has placed in your circle. They could be family, friends, co-workers or casual acquaintances. Ask God to give you ways to begin building friendships with them and use those friendships to share the good news. You won't regret it...

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